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Panasonic Domestic Free Multi Splits

Traditionally a domestic type of product, our RAC multi splits are available with a variety of indoor units.

With capacities ranging from 2 – 9 kW, these systems combine 2 to 5 indoor units and run them from 1 outdoor unit.

Their long reach and silent airflow make for smooth operation, ideal for domestic rooms and shops. With a washable allergen clear filter, the unit will kill bacteria and keep clean air circulating through the room.

The RAC multi indoor units are available as:

Multi-System (1-5 Rooms)

Free Multi System Z · R32

Additional Information

Full flexibility up to 9,0kW and up to 5 ports with wide range of indoor units including high performance Etherea indoor units, reaching up to A+++ / A++

Multi-System (1-3 Rooms)

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