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Diamond Air Ltd is the Official Distributor for Airzone who leads the way in innovating HVAC solutions

Their control systems can be combined with different HVAC installations. They are simple to integrate, easy to control and efficient, designed for different buildings like condos, family houses, clinics, offices or hotels.

Compatible with many types of installations like inverter AC units, VRF systems, chillers, water fan-coils, under floor heating/cooling and wall radiators.

By using Airzone in your projects you can access official energy efficiency certifications like BREEAM or LEED. As the only eu.bac certified zoning control system company, Airzone helps to reduce the amount of refrigerant gases in the installations (I-EEC-2865-A).

From the design perspective, our range of interfaces are not only aesthetically pleasing but also intuitive. They fit in with any setting or style of décor.

Control the system from anywhere, any time with our Airzone Cloud service, accessible through our APP or the Web browser.

Airzone control solutions are supported with their services for professionals. Covering from the project stage to the after-sales service. Airzone will be there for you to finish your project successfully.

Aidoo Inverter/VRF Wi-Fi Controller

Aidoo Wi-Fi connects to the air conditioning unit through a wired connection and establishes a Wi-Fi connection with the Airzone Cloud smart phone application.

aidoo wifi app packaging en | Diamond Air Conditioning Ltd
easyzone zoning airzone | Diamond Air Conditioning Ltd

Airzone's EazyZone Zoning System

It purifies the indoor air, controls air-conditioning by zones and manages the system through smartphone and voice assistants.

Airzone Aidoo Inverter/VRF KNX Controller

Aidoo KNX is an integration gateway offering two-way communication with Inverter/VRF units thanks to protocols developed and validated in collaboration with HVAC manufacturers.

aidoo knx functions | Diamond Air Conditioning Ltd
usa app cloud airzonecontrol | Diamond Air Conditioning Ltd

Airzone Aidoo Cloud Webserver

Airzone Cloud is the solution that connects HVAC systems to the digital world. Thanks to the combination of the Airzone Webserver, cloud technology and the Airzone Cloud mobile app, users have complete control of their installation from anywhere and at any time.

airzone menu | Diamond Air Conditioning Ltd

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