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AirBloc / Reznor

Diamond Air Ltd is the official distributor for AirBloc / Reznor Door curtains Ireland. Reznor, formally known as Airbloc, is a subsidary of Ambirad, Heating and Ventilation Soultions and specalise in the Door Curtains, and we are delighted to be Irish distributor Reznor door curtains in Ireland.. So if you have any requirements for Ambirad Ireland then please do get in touch.

The Thermo Air range of ‘Door Curtain’ are typically used where you will have an external entrance door where you could have the transfer of cold air to the internal area. This results in energy wastage, draughts and the ingress of dust and debris into the area.

By using a door curtain you provide a barrier of air to prevent this ingress of cold air and debris. The LG range of Thermo Air door curtains uses low-pressure hot water to provide the heat requirement. We also supply the Reznor range of door curtains which include Electric, LPHW and Gas options.

AmbiRad has been developing, manufacturing and delivering the best industrial and commercial gas fired HVAC equipment all over the world.
AmbiRad offers a wide range of solutions for distribution warehouses from full comfort heating to frost protection or air rotation for 24 hour low temperature operations. No matter if it is Food & Beverage manufacturing, fast food restaurants etc. AmbiRad products come through for you.
Schools also have numerous areas that require heating such as workshops, sports halls and kitchen make-up.

4 App 3 | Diamond Air Conditioning Ltd

Exhibition halls and convention centres have many zone conditioning challenges, from loading docks to large open areas.
Large sports facilities need both comfort heating as well as fresh air ventilation for a healthy environment.
Nordair Niche swimming pool units are complete packaged units incorporating cross-plate heat recovery, supply heated air extract and filters.

In case we have not detailed all the info from Ambirad and Reznor, please do visit their website at

Reznor Wall Curtain Range

Air Curtain Benefits

Air curtains ensure a clean environment – protecting from dust, fumes, insects and general outdoor pollution.

With an over door air curtain, energy lost through open doors which was previously seen as a unavoidable, can actually be reduced by as much as 80%.

Air curtains induce warm air down from high level that would otherwise be lost through the roof, thus helping to de-stratify the building and eliminate cold spots.

4 App 3 | Diamond Air Conditioning Ltd
Dublin COnvention Centre | Diamond Air Conditioning Ltd

Radiant Heating

How Radiant Heating works

Working in the same way as the sun, radiant heat warms all solid objects and surfaces in its path through infrared waves. Being mounted overhead, AmbiRad radiant heaters produce infrared heat that is directed downwards to low level by a reflector.

Infrared energy passes inertly through the air, dissipating as heat upon contact with people and surfaces thus creating a comfortable, all round radiant warmth at lower air temperature. This is ideal for spot or localised heating.

Radiant heat takes only minutes to reach comfort temperatures, so energy is never wasted in prolonged warm-up times. If external doors are opened, allowing cold air to enter the building, radiant heating will recover comfort temperatures in just a few minutes.

Heat/Cool Space

Heat/Cool Space

AmbiRad products are designed specifically to heat, or heat and cool a building or zone of a space.

  • Maintain comfort levels within the space
  • Provide frost protection for fire sprinkler systems and stored goods
Ambirad door curtain 2 | Diamond Air Conditioning Ltd
Dublin COnvention Centre | Diamond Air Conditioning Ltd

Make-up Air

Make-Up Air

If your project has exhaust fans and hoods or you need to provide positive building pressurisation, then the AmbiRad make-up air systems are your ideal choice for robust performance and worry-free control.

Ventilation Ambirad

Ventilation Ambirad

For full fresh air ventilation applications the use of heat recovery in association with the AmbiRad range of heating and ventilation units is an ideal and extremely efficient solution.

Ambirad door curtain 2 | Diamond Air Conditioning Ltd
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