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Panasonic Green Solutions

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Panasonic condensing units with natural refrigerant — for convenience stores, supermarkets, gas stations and cold rooms.

CO2 natural refrigerant
R744 natural refrigerant provides higher energy saving and lower CO2 emission compared to R404A. This natural refrigerant has a zero ODP and GWP of 1.

Superior efficiency with reliable quality
Panasonic has combined the 2-stage compressor with split cycle for increased efficiency. High seasonal performance: 3,83: SEPR Cooling* – 1,92: SEPR Freezing*.

Easy, quick and flexible installation
Set-points at medium or low temperature available depending on applications. Long piping possibility up to 100 Metres**.

Heat recovery port as renewable energy
Maximum 16,7 kW of heating for free by utilizing heat generated by refrigeration to the energy source for heating.

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