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V6R Heat Recovery

VR6 600x500 1 | Diamond Air Conditioning Ltd


Midea’s V6R range is the industry’s first 3 pipe Heat Recovery VRF with zonal leak detection to guarantee the system’s safe and reliable operation.
Available from 8HP to 54HP the exclusive range is extremely versatile and can meet the needs of small, medium, or large sized applications.

Zonal Leak Detection
• Only isolates the MS zone that detects a refrigerant leak
• Isolation reduces the risk of system refrigerant loss whilst limiting any
potential risk to room occupants
• Non effected zones will continue to operate safely
• Dry contacts to 3rd party controls can activate alarms and enable
ventilation extract fans
• Time required to repair the cause of leak is significantly reduced

Wide Capacity Range
Single module from 8HP to 18HP
Double module from 16HP to 36HP
Triple module from 24HP to 54HP

Flexible and easy to install
Each outdoor unit is lightweight with long piping lengths of up to a total of 1000m, improved height difference of 110m between outdoor and indoor levels and up to 30m height difference between indoor units.

Fresh Air Supply
Offering a wide operating range in cooling mode, heating mode and simultaneous cooling and heating mode the V6R can also be connected to a fresh air unit or HRV to supply continuous fresh air.

Multiple Port MS Boxes
Combined with the intelligent MS Box which adds further flexibility by offering multiple port options of 4,6,8,10 or 12 and up to 5 indoor units connected to one port – the V6R can meet any design brief or site restrictions.

Domestic Hot Water and Underfloor Heating
The V6R range is a multipurpose solution and can achieve space cooling/heating and domestic hot water (25oC to 80oC) simultaneously, by connecting to a Midea high temperature hydro module. The hot water can be used for domestic hot water and underfloor heating, improving room comfort.

Please click on the leaflet pdf below for the images of all variations and options within this section plus additional features

Technical Specifications
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