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V6 Heat Pump Series

VR6 600x500 1 | Diamond Air Conditioning Ltd

Midea’s V6 Heat Pump range is available from 8HP up to 32HP, which is the world’s largest single VRF unit capacity. The highly efficient range has a space saving design and its EVI compressor significantly increases heating and cooling capacity under extreme conditions.


Wide Capacity Range
Starting at 8HP, capacity increases in 2HP increments up to 32HP, which is the world’s largest single VRF unit capacity.

Wide Operation Range
The V6 VRF can operate stably in a wide ambient temperature range: from -5oC to 48oC in cooling mode and from -23oC to 24oC in heating mode.

Long Piping Capability
• Total piping length: 1000m
• Longest piping length – actual (equivalent): 175m (200m)
• Longest piping length after first branch: 40/90*m
• Level difference between IDUs and ODU – ODU above (below):
90m (110m)
• Level difference between IDUs: 30m
*The longest length after first branch is 40m as standard but can be extended to up to 90m under certain conditions. Please
contact your local Midea dealer for further information.


Auto Addressing
Outdoor units can distribute addresses to indoor units automatically. Remote and wired controllers can be used to query or modify each indoor units address.

Non-polarised Communication Wiring*

Only one chain of 3-core non-polarized shielded communication wiring required for indoor and outdoor unit communication.

Please click on the Leaflet pdf below for the images of all variations and options within this section plus additional features

Technical Specifications
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