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High Static Pressure Duct

duct 1 | Diamond Air Conditioning Ltd

This powerful range of ducted units from Midea is available from 7.1kW to 56kW. Suitable for large applications such as gymnasiums and warehouses, the units have a built-in LED display for easy troubleshooting.

Flexible duct design

External static pressure can be up to 196Pa (models 71 to 160) or 280Pa (models 200 to 560) which allows extensive ductwork runs and flexible application: ideal for use in shops, offices and large areas.

Double-skin drainage pan

Double-skin drainage pan provides double protection for ceilings (models 71 to 160 and 400 to 560).

Convenient installation

The EXV is fixed inside the indoor unit. Standard filter is housed in an aluminium frame. Flange for air inlet/outlet duct connection is standard.

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