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Floor Standing

floor standing | Diamond Air Conditioning Ltd

Midea’s Floor Standing units are ideal for offices, conservatories and retails environments. Positioned in similar areas to radiators the unit will complement any interior with temperature control at the touch of a button.


Compact design with a style to suit any decor, the available options allow units to be installed fixed to the wall, hung on the wall or on the floor.


Three styles of finish are available:
F3 uncased models are designed to be recessed, leaving only the air
grilles visible.
F4 model, the air return is in the front, while in the F5 model the air
return is from below. This provides full flexibility and ability to meet all customer aesthetic requirements


The internal coil & filter can be cleaned easily due to the sophisticated design and the product’s removable blades. All metal parts are made of commercial grade galvanised steel for maximum protection against corrosion.

Technical Specifications
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