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Ceiling and Floor

ceiling floor | Diamond Air Conditioning Ltd

This range from Midea can be installed on the ceiling or floor mounted. The stylish rounded side panels, and a slimmer profile are suitable for areas which do not have suspended ceilings. They can be installed adjacent to a side wall, allowing the pipe connections and electrical wiring to be concealed.

The slim and sleek design ensures easy installation. The unit can be installed either horizontally on the ceiling or vertically against the wall. It can be installed into a corner of the ceiling even if the ceiling is very narrow.

Two direction auto swing – vertical and horizontal. The range of horizontal air discharge is widened which secures wider air flow distribution to provide more comfortable air circulation no matter where the unit is installed. Three air flow speeds: low, medium and high; double air guides.

The internal EXV ensures extreme precision when controlling refrigerant flow. This reduces sound levels during operation. A new multi-blade fan combined with our air guide design guarantees smoother airflow and increased comfort.

Technical Specifications
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