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A6 Duct Series

A6 Duct series | Diamond Air Conditioning Ltd

With its compact design, the Midea A6 Duct Series range can be easily
mounted in a ceiling void in a commercial office or retail space and
offers flexible control and easy maintenance.

Flexible air intake position
Air inlet direction is from rear as standard or can be changed to bottom.

Built in drain pump

The built in drain pump can lift the condensate water up to 750mm.

Multi channel air flow distribution
The units are suitable for different room types, its multi channel air distribution gives you comfort in every corner.

LED chassis mounted display
Built in display for easy trouble shooting and system information.

Fresh air inlet
Built in fresh air inlet to create a more comfortable environment.

Flexible control and easy maintenance
The electrical control box can be removed away from the unit for easy maintenance access. Standard functional ports are included such as remote On/Off, dry contact switch and alarm signal output.

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