The VRF KX system from MHIAE offers simple and flexible solutions for commercial and industrial applications, with up to 80 indoor units in a single system.

Sophisticated control, combined with a high level of technology, ensures reduced energy consumption and high efficiency rates. The VRF KX range starts with 11.2kW cooling capacity (22.4 kW for heat recovery), up to the largest capacity single outdoor unit in the industry with 68.0kW cooling capacity. Outdoor units can also be paired together, providing up to 136.0kW on a single system.

Our KX6 heat pump systems operate with 2 inter-connecting pipes (commonly referred to as a ‘2-pipe system’), and provide either a heating or cooling operation to all indoor units. KX6 is suitable for a wide range of applications from an individual apartment to an entire multi storey building.

Our KXR6 heat recovery systems operate with 3 inter-connecting pipes (commonly referred to as a ‘3-pipe system’), and provide both heating and cooling operations to individual indoor units according to the room condition/requirement. KXR6 incorporates highly sophisticated control to condition multiple indoor areas, for applications where the building orientation creates heat gain/loss on each side of the building.